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air traffic controllers must take one day off a week. the faa said planes will have to take off and land more frequently. that would translate to potential longer lines at the airport. joining me is the spokesperson for sfo. can you give me an idea of how many travelers will be out on every given day or? >> what i can tell you, it's about a 10% of reduction. if i'm an air traffic controller, one of my days out of ten is reduced as the furlough. >> reporter: do you have any idea if this will impact the lines? >> i think where we might see some effect is more from the faa perspective. i don't know if it will affect the lines at the airport. but in terms of flight delays, if there's another airport that has congestion issues or staffing issues, even if we're fined locally, we may experience delays to and from the location. it's very much a nationwide issue. >> reporter: it's a juggling act for you. i think one of the things we can expect, there is a procedure we use and that requires an extra controller. not an issue today but if we have bad weather conditions, we might not be able
the country. >> logan airport had tweeted that the f.a.a. issued a ground stop which would require planes to stay put at their point of departure and won't allow any planes to land in boston. the arrival boards here at reagan national indicated delays up and down to the east coast and to some other areas around the country stepped up security was also visible on the airport property. we ran into a passenger who arrived on one of the earlier boston flights. >> i had a friend that was flying into richmond and her flight was canceled but shows rescheduled now and everything was good to go. >> what about cell phone service in boston? >> we didn't have any. i didn't finally get mine back until i got the airport but all the lines were tied up. >> carey says she and her friends had stopped by the race but then went back to someone's apartment to watch the very tragic end. >> i was very shocked. it's really sad to see because it's such a happy day and you're happy for everyone participating and it was great weather. the city had a great spirit today and then to hear that was just a big bummer on
officials on that. back to you. >>> well, the faa is also banning all planes and helicopters except for emergency equipment from flying offer the area where the two explosions happened yesterday in boston. that no-fly zone reaches up to 3,000 feet high. it extends about two miles in every direction on the ground. the restrictions, however, do not affect flights in and out of boston's logan air. now, stay with us again on "mornings on 2" for the very late et on the bombings and the investigation in boston. we'll be tracking. very latest developments on the fbi investigation coming up in a live report from boston in our next hour. >>> 7:37. tragedy hit a san jose family overnight. a 7-year-old girl was killed in a house fire. ktvu's janine de la vega is at the house now and just talked to the little girl's grandmother. janine? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. a person who lives around the corner came up to talk to the grandmother who says she's a very strong woman. she wanted to leave flowers at the door. the family is feeling numb. they can't believe their little girl is gone. firefi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3